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boybands are weird because they always sing about how this one girl is really hot and special and it just makes me confused and wonder if they’re going to try and share her or just completely gang bang her or what

I SWEAR…when I opened this up to reblog, THIS SONG started playing on my iTunes…seriously, I can’t make this ish up!

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Lonely Island Medley

#relevant because it’s National Pirate Day

SO…since this Music Monday heavily featured female vocals…my neo-machoism-persona is telling me I have to over compensate! ARGH! PIRATES! 3-WAY SEX!

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The Lonely Island - "No Homo"

And with this song, I shall conclude my Music Monday … I know I know, pretty short, but I’m on vacation people! I do what I want…plus…I need to drive with my top down B-)

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  • Track: No Homo
  • Artist: The Lonely Island
  • Album: Turtleneck & Chain
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