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WhoMadeWho - Keep Me In My Plane

A good track for this sunny weekend.
Just lay down at the sun and let the time flow. No rush, it’s a long weekend folks…

WhoMadeWho is an awesome band from Denmark, that sounds a bit like a mix between LCD Soundsystem and Hot Chip ( and a whole lot of others stuff).

It’s funky, it’s disco, it’s indie, it’s house and it’s definitely a great band with an awesome sound.




  • Track: Keep Me In My Plane
  • Artist: WhoMadeWho
  • Album: The Plot
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The Drug In Me Is You - Falling In Reverse; The left ear comes in a few seconds before the right ear, causing a layered effect.

Listen to more of my stuff here.

Download it here.

make sure and experience via headphones…

  • Track: The Drug In Me Is You (Layered)
  • Artist: Falling In Reverse
  • Album: The Drug In Me Is You
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'Every night I tell myself, 
"I am the cosmos, 
I am the wind” 
But that don’t get you back again 

Just when I was starting to feel okay 
You’re on the phone 
I never wanna be alone 

Never wanna be alone’

I’m friends with a Chris Bell…not this one…but he’s equally as cool, I’m sure of it.

  • Track: I Am The Cosmos
  • Artist: Chris Bell
  • Album: I Am The Cosmos
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