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Zombie-Walk / Halloween …almost the same thing ;-)

**Halloween, 2 Days Late**

CRAP! I MISSED A DAY! stoopid overnights messing me all kinds of up.

yesterday’s topic was cinematic, not like I would’ve won, but still said I wanted to post something for it each day…so here! and also, since i dont have anything that screams “cinematic” to me, photography wise, im coping out & posting a video that i did :-)

that is all, dont judge me, i just worked from 10:30pm-7:30am

these “Performers" were definitely putting on a good show for the rest of us

today’s topic deals w/ dancing…

who doesnt like zombies slow dancing?

"A Warning" - zombiewalk gone wrong…

(another @LostZombies video submission) let me know what you think!


pretty cool pic of me & a few other’s catching the Zombiewalk crowd :-)

Denver Zombiewalk was so much fun! Pics coming soon!

Monster Hospital (MSTRKRFT Remix) BY Metric


Denver Zombie Crawl …TODAY!!!

Played 5 times.