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This film is about a man who signs up for a clinical trail to take a pill that will supposedly make him feel “special” (aka, it’s an anti-depressent, but this one is different from all the rest…) The man, “Les”, soon believes the pill has given him superpowers. Have I given you enough reason to watch this yet? No, well…the reason I loved this movie so much is: I know for a fact that I would have the same exact reaction to the pills because all I ever think about is how awesome it’d be to have superpowers. Oh, and Michael Rapaport absolutely KILLS IT in this film. I personally have never seen a better acting job from him before. Still not enough for you to put this in your queue?! Ok, here’s my final bargaining chip: Josh Peck from Drake & Josh is in it!!!

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The Bridge

Heavy. But beautifully done. No matter if you’ve ever thought about suicide or not, I highly recommend this film. Incredibly tragic, but that’s life right? You can’t have the good w/o the bad… Some stories in this movie will uplift your spirit, but most will break your heart. But even for people that have never considered taking their own life, this film is eye-opening. So again, please watch this amazing movie, but you definitely have to be prepared for it.

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Safe House

Ryan Reynolds & Denzel Washington…”safe” bet right ;-) yes, correct, the answer is yes. Not the greatest movie of all time or anything like that, just a really well done action/spy movie that I was not upset about spending money on it to see it in the theater.To sum up, I’ll use 2 words: Effing intense! …or 3, depending on where your mind is at ;-)

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Everything Must Go

I will enjoy anything and everything WIll Ferrell does, so the fact that I love this movie is 100% bias. That being said, I still recommend this movie based on the fact that it’s a good, clever, funny, depressing, (and then) feel good movie! It’s a great movie about life & it’s frustrations/ugliness…and at the same time, the silver linings :-)

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