Ok peeps…Wednesday at 7:30p is the “Best Of” Screenings for Denver’s 48hr Film Festival!!! But whether you can or can’t make it for that, RED is now available to watch online!! Keep in mind this film was written, shot, edited, produced, directed, etc…all in only 48HRS!

So proud to have been part of something so awesome…sooo, turn your volume UP & your lights DOWN & ENJOY.

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    Take a look—my friend Kevin is in this film!
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    Check it! It’s short but great!
  5. crumpeteatingwoofter said: Hey dude, this is beyond awesome! Well done.
  6. confusedfriendliness said: this is so great, Kevin!! wish I could be there for the festival! xoxoxoxo
  7. everythings-shiny-captain said: Kevin, this is awesome. Seriously—so cool! Great job being the “Brawn” or the “Brains” (you could be both).
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