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This past weekend I took part in something called, 48 Hour Film Festival, and I got to be in a short film! The simple premise of the 48hr Film Project is: Friday night, your team draws a genre out of a hat, and from that moment forward, your team has 48hrs to write, direct, produce, shoot, edit, (etc.) a short film and make it 5-7min long.

Soooo, that’s what we did!!! And I got almost no sleep in the process!! Haha, but the experience was amazing! Because I was a very late addition to the team, and all I wanted to do was be on set, and hold a light here and pick up trash there…you know, just be there! But instead, I was able to chime in & be a part of the creative writing team! AND THEN, after being up till 4am on Friday, I woke up to a text on 6am Saturday morn saying, “bring some semi-nice clothes to wear, you’re gunna be one of our bad guys!”

Good thing it’s a silent film with no dialogue, haha, because I’ve never acted before! But long story short, the whole weekend was insanely amazing & I truly believe we made an award-worthy film! Above are some stills from the movie, featuring myself, the other bad guy, and the female lead (who, by the way, is my future wife…she doesn’t know this yet…but all in due time…all in due time…)!

The movie is called RED & if you happen to be in the Denver area this Sunday the 12th, the premiere for all the short films are screening at the Gothic! Our film is in Group C (5-7:30pm) & tickets are $8 in advance if you buy them here!!! I appreciate any & all support that anyone can spare :-)

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